England Rugby Miscellany Book

England Rugby Miscellany Book

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England Rugby Miscellany Book

England Rugby is buzzing in anticipation of the IRB Rugby World Cup 2015, which they are hosting. The England Rugby Miscellany, an
official RFU publication, is a fun-packed volume, containing facts, stats, stories, biographies, histories, quotes, songs and quizzes. Written by an author uniquely qualified on the subject having, in his youth, contested lineout balls with England World Cup-winning captain Martin Johnson, here are dozens of facts and stats on a multitude of subjects regarding England players, coaches and tournaments. There are also biographies of players and coaches, tournament histories, quotes, songs, quizzes and fantasy teams for England Rugby fans enjoy. The England Rugby Miscellany touches so many bases, but cannot be compartmentalised into any of them; instead it is the perfect stockingfiller or impulse purchase for anyone who has stood up and sung, “Swing low, sweet chariot.”

  • 198 x 129 mm
  • 160 Pages
  • 25,000 Words


Chapter 1: England Lists & Trivia • Chapter 2: England Rugby Legends • Chapter 3: England's Grand Slams • Chapter 4: England in the Rugby World Cup • Chapter 5: Famous England Rugby Coaches • Chapter 6: England Fantasy Rugby XVs • Chapter 7: England Rugby Quotes • Chapter 8: England Rugby Songs • Chapter 9: England Rugby Quizzes

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